Service Plans

Plotter Assist offers two fixed fee service plans: Lasercare Basic and Lasercare Complete. These are well suited to companies with 3 to approximately 1000 plotters. Rates are based on the number of plotters, usage levels and condition. Our in house training program and other organizational efficiencies, allow us to provide these plans at a lower price than our competitors.

With these plans, our clients can spend more time on improving their core business and less time worrying about whether their plotters will work. By taking a team oriented approach, leveraging technology, and working closely with our customers, Plotter Assist can help produce results that give them the edge they need in today's increasingly competitive market.

To learn more about what Plotter Assist can do for you, explore our service suite below or contact us and someone will be more than happy to discuss your needs.


Email us @ with your details or call us @ 650 323 0913.